Pumps & Energy is a combination of the many varied pumps we can supply, and the energy savings that these pumps can achieve.


We specialise in providing analysis of pumping equipment to find energy wastage and provide options for reductions in energy costs.


With over forty years experience in pumping systems, as well as access to the most up-to-date monitoring equipment, we can undertake detailed analysis.


Our analysis results detail the numerous options for significant energy savings, and from these results we can provide an impartial detailed report.


Detailed analysis is required to establish the ACTUAL operating duty of installed equipment as opposed to original design specification.


In most applications the pumps are not working to the design parameters due to being over sized at the design stage. Other factors such as an inefficient original selection, worn equipment, changes in operating conditions, all result in ENERGY WASTAGE.


Without detailed analysis, possible energy savings are “ONLY A BEST GUESS”


The more detailed the information available from actual operation requirements, as opposed to original design, will allow evaluation to provide the optimum energy savings possible.