We are the authorised UK sales and service company for Bombas Ideal S.A. We can supply Bombas Ideal pumps and all spare parts that may be required to refurbish these pumps.


Bombas Ideal S.A have manufactured pumps for over one hundred years. Based in their new factory in Massalfassar, Valencia, Spain, they manufacture a wide range of pumps that include:


Vertical turbine pumps - Models V, VA,VHC


Horizontal centrifugal pumps - Models RN, RNI, RFI, RNL, GNI, AP, CP


Sewage/Drainage pumps - Models ARS, SVA


Multistage pumps - Models VIP, NLV, NLX, NX


Fire pumps - Models FOC-N, FOC-F, FOC


UL listed and FM approved fire sets NFPA-20 - Series  FLRN, FLCP, FLV


We have been associated with Bombas Ideal for over thirty years. Ian Rutherford our engineering director has overseen many installations of these pumps, throughout the U.K. They include many water authorities, manufacturing plants, irrigation sites, to name but a few.

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